Ultimate Bubble Shooter

Ultimate Bubble Shooter

Ultimate Bubble Shooter

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Bubbles are fun for all ages; they bring joy and happiness to kids and grownups alike.

This bubble gun is the perfect addition to any summer party; just dip it into the solution and press the trigger to amaze young and old with hundreds of colorful bubbles.

• 8 holes – Allows to blow hundreds of bubbles per minute.

• Get the perfect photos – The hundreds of colorful bubbles will turn any social media content into a viral, eye catching post.

• Easy to use – Dip the tip of the gun into a water-soap solution and turn it on.



• Dimensions: 68*200*90mm (2.6*7.8*3.5in)

• Battery: 3AA battery (not included)

• Material: non-toxic ABS


Bubble solution recipe

Armed with a selection of bubble wands made from bent wire, plastic rings, and mason jar lid fasteners, we settled on two “best in show” recipes, each with their own appeal. Place ingredients in a jar with an airtight lid and stir gently to combine without agitating suds. Both recipes can be used immediately, but seem to do a little better after resting for a few hours before breaking out the bubble wands.

The Mile High Bubbles

The bubbles we got from adding corn syrup to the recipe weren’t as reflective or colorful as some of the other efforts, but these soar sky high (often rising out of sight without ever bursting). If you are looking for lift, this simple recipe fits the bill perfectly and won’t require a trip to the store.

• 2 cups warm water
• 1/3 cup dish soap
• 1/4 cup corn syrup

The Dura-Bubbles

This recipe uses a combination of gelatin and glycerin to create a super strong bubble that catches amazing colors and hovers so long in the air you can take a moment to admire your reflection on its surface. Because it is a heavier solution, the Dura-Bubbles rarely disappeared into the sky, but rather hung in the air (depending on the wind) until eventually drifting to the ground.

• 2 cups hot water
• 1/4 cup dish soap
• 1 (.25 oz)  packet gelatin
• 2 tablespoons glycerin

Unlike basic dish soap, these professional grade bubbles may leave a little sugary residue behind when (or if) they land, so you probably don’t want to use these indoors. Now go outside and play!

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